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Honour killing victim Banaz Mahmod begged police for help before being murdered by dad  

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Honour killing victim Banaz Mahmod begged police for help before being murdered by dad

Caroline Goode, the DSI who investigated Banaz Mahmod’s murder spoke on Good Morning Britain ahead of the ITV drama Honour depicting the harrowing story

“It makes anyone who has a family member think how on earth can they have treated her so badly,” said Ben.

Asking about the fact Banaz can be seen in a recording asking the police: “What can you do to protect me?” as she feared for her life, he added: “I imagine that still haunts some of these police officers to this day that they couldn’t do more and they weren’t able to save her.”

Caroline replied: “It is one of the great tragedies in Banaz’ story that there were opportunities missed to save Banaz’ life.  And largely that was due to ignorance about honour-based violence which is one of the reasons why this drama is so important.  Because it’s really going to help to raise awareness about honour-based violence.  It’s a crime that thrives in a culture of silence, so the more we can spread the story the more we break down that culture of silence and it makes it easier for other people to report it.  But it also makes it easier for people to understand what they are listening to and be able to help."

So there were mistakes made and for a variety of reasons, but largely they were due to ignorance that meant people underestimated the risk to Banaz.  They didn’t understand the way that they should deal with victims of honour-based violence, and in one awful case the officer just simply didn’t believe what she was being told because she had never heard of anything like it.  Things are very different in policing now, Banaz’ case was a real catalyst for change, there has been a huge amount of investment in education in police and social workers.  It’s a story that needs to be told again and again in a variety of different ways to keep spreading that message.”